Red Oxide

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What is Natural Red Oxide?

Red oxide is chemically called iron oxide Red . Its molecular formulas is Fe2O3. It is red in color and Lusterless. Red Oxide powder is most widely occurring in nature. It is the basic mineral for steel plant. Red Oxide has tremendous application in building, construction, paint and many other industries.

In India, good quality with high percentage of iron oxide is available in several regions. For paint, Ceramic, and building materials shade and tone of Red Oxide is important. The best shade is of course PG Red Oxide from Iran. Red Oxide is known for its corrosion protection, inertness to alkali and chemicals. Durability of paint made with Red Oxide is very well known.

Physical Properties 

Physical Appearance Free Flowing Dry Powder
Sp. gravity 4.2 - 4.8
Oil absorption 10 to 15%
Bulk density 2.2
PH of 10% aqueous soln. 7.0 -9.0
Purity as Fe2O3 min 90%

Chemical Composition

Fe2O3 : 90%
SiO2 : 5%
CaO : 0.5%
Red Oxide

Industrial Applications 

  • Paints : Single largest paint used in paint industry. Used in every type of paint, primer, undercoat & powder coating etc.
  • Tiles & Ceramic Industry : Natural Red Oxide is used as a pigment in tiles, floor tiles, flooring products, ceramics, pottery and others. It is most commonly used with cement for flooring with red color.
  • Plastic & Rubber Industry : Red Oxide & Synthetic Red Oxide are used in Plastic & Rubber industry for coloring.

Our Suggested Grades

Grade Particle Size Top Cut Fe2o3 Oil Absorption Application
RO-10 10 micron 30 88% 16 Paints & Coatings
RO-20 20 micron 50 86% 14 Plastics, Rubber, Ceramics & Tiles