R & D

The potential uses of talc are virtually infinite. The purpose of our research and development is to discover them.In this process, we have two objectives:

  1. Discovering new areas for applying our existing talc products, and
  2. Developing new products for existing applications.

Customer Contact

Thanks to our close contact with our customers, we can adapt ourselves to precisely match their requirements. We work closely with many leading brands as well as with smaller, highly specialized enterprises. We test various formulations until we have found the optimum. And our approach in developing new talc products and refining existing ones is entirely pragmatic as well: the suggestions often come from our customers.


In our excellently equipped laboratories, we can perform exhaustive testing and precisely reproduce numerous customer production and application processes. As soon as we achieve good results, we develop a prototype that we test together with interested customers, and adapt it further to their needs where necessary.

At Vaaidehi Minerals, this cooperation takes place at the highest level: our technical managers maintain close contact with customers who wish to participate in development. We do not define the final formula until the customer is entirely satisfied. This extensive up-front effort significantly reduces customers’ own development and modification costs and enables them to go into production much sooner than would otherwise be possible.

Our laboratory is well equipped with the most advanced quality control instruments to produce minerals of highest quality. Our team of highly qualified & experienced chemists deliver the best quality & maintain  consistency at the same time. Our laboratory testing goes with a number of steps starting from inspection of raw material to final testing of processed mineral before dispatching. To name a few tests:
Particle Size Analysis – Malvern Particle size analysis
Brightness – Whiteness metering : As per El-Repho standard.

Sample Procurement :

We also maintain a counter sample of every batch manufactured by us for a generous period of time till the material is received & approved by the customers. We look to work in close cooperation and partnership with our customers to achieve their goals.