Calcium Oxide (Quicklime Powder)

Calcium Oxide Calcium Oxide (Quicklime powder) is Odourless, hard, white or off-white masses or granules, or white to off-white powder.It is manufactured by processing the crushed limestone / Calcium carbonate at a high temperature burning procedure which results into highest purity and quality Quicklime / calcium oxide (CaO).

Uses of Calcium Oxide / Quicklime

Our finely grounded calcium oxide is most suitable for building material applications, road constructions enhancive, environmental protection, soil stabilization, animals feeding, Steel mill, gold mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and agriculture.

Quicklime / Calcium Oxide Specification

Properties Unit Ampl – Calcium Oxide
Appearance - White to off-white Powder
Whiteness % Min. 90
Particle Size Mesh  200#,300#,400# and 500#
Purity (CaO) % 85
Assay % 85
LOI % Less than 10
Reaction with water - Exothermic (heat is generated)
Nature - Alkaline to moistened litmus paper
Bulk Density gm/cm3 0.4 ± 0.1
Packaging - 25 kg laminated bag with liner inside

Applications of Quicklime / Calcium Oxide

  • Construction industry
  • Flue Gas Treatment
  • Steel making
  • Water & waste water treatment
  • Paper, Pulp and PCC
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Masonry & Mortars