Talc is chemically inert, lamellar and has a high surface area. It is the softest mineral on the planet. This makes talc not only excellent processing aids but also improve the quality of the final product and lower costs. Because they are inert, talc make ideal pharmaceutical excipients for tablets and carriers for medicated powders. 

Soft and lamellar, they are unparalleled flow agents, glidants and lubricants for tablets. In pharmaceutical coatings, talc are excellent anti-tack agents, ensuring flawless products every time. They are ideal for use in enteric coatings for targeted delivery of drugs.

  • Pressed Tablets

     Talc are chemically inert and have a stabilizing effect on active ingredients making them ideal excipients, lubricants and flow agents for tablets.
  • Coated Products

     Talc are excellent anti-tack agents and cost-effective tablet coating additives for flawless coated products. They eliminate tackiness, prevent agglomerations and also reduce coating time.
  • Medicated Powder

    Being a chemically inert substance, talc makes excellent carrier for active ingredients in medicated powders used to soothe itchy skin and prevent chafing.