Harnessing talc’s natural properties (fragrance carrier, chemically inert, hydrophobic, organophilic, soft, odourless, platyness and soapy feel) to provide superior performance and lower formulation costs.

It is the softest mineral on the planet. By harnessing these natural properties, we enhance the final properties of body powders, make-up, soaps and syndets.

  • Body powders & creams

    With their soft, silky feel talc make excellent baby and body powders. Applied after bathing, talc dries the skin, preventing chafing, and gives a pleasant, soothing, cool sensation. Soft to the touch and chemically inert, talc has been used as a body powder for hundreds of years and is an ideal fragrance carriers for perfumes and for scented body powders. The surfaces of the talc platelets retain the perfume with the minimum loss of potency. In hand and body creams, talc impart softness, good texture and skin adhesion, excellent spreadability, water resistance and a matting effect and a non-sticky after feel.
      They are ideal for:
    1. hand creams
    2. face creams: colored, day, night
    3. sun creams
    4. depilatory creams.

  • Make-up

    Talc is the softest mineral on earth. Also because of its natural properties ( chemically inert, hydrophobic, organophilic, soft, odourless, platyness etc), talc provide the silkiness in blushers and eye shadows; the transparency of foundations and the sheen of powder compacts. Talc is also an ideal pigment extenders, providing the right degree of covering powder, transparency and matt / gloss.
    They are ideal for:
    1. molded or pressed powder compacts
    2. blushers
    3. eye-shadows
    4. cosmetic pencils such as eyeliners, lip-liners, concealers and brow pencils
    5. foundation
    6. liquid eye make-up
    7. concealers
    8. lipstick
  • Toilet care

    Talc make an excellent cost-effective functional fillers in soaps and syndets where they:
    1. provide a creamier lather
    2. improve foaming
    3. give a softer, silkier skin feel 
    4. allow manufacturers to replace expensive base oils, cutting product costs.