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1How I can found minerals specifications and uses?
Ans: Please go to the Industrial Minerals section to know more about their specifications and details. Also visit Talc product and Talc Production to know more about Talc mineral.  
2What kinds of Talc products do you have?
Ans: We have a variety of Talc products and that too of different origins. All are specifically processed to fit the desired industrial requirement. Please go to “Talc Applications” page to learn more.  
3Can I get a Sample of any of your product?
Ans: Sure, you can. We would be glad to provide you that. You just need to fill the “Sample request” form correctly. We will send the sample as soon as we can.  
4Do you charge for such samples?
Ans: No. We do not charge for any small quantity samples. But in case if the delivery location is out of India then you might have to pay for the courier charges only. The sample is definitely free of cost.
5I want you to be our Minerals and chemicals supplier. How can I contact you?

Ans: we would be more than happy to have serve you for all your minerals and specialty chemicals requirements. You can do any of the following to reach us:

  • Mail us at any of the following email IDs : ; ;
  • Call us @ +91 8696 47 6607 (office) ; + 91 950 980 6461 (Mobile)
  • “Leave a message” service at bottom right corner of our website.
  • Fill our “Sample Request” form and Submit.
  • In all cases, Our Sales team will approach you shortly to proceed further.
6Why should I prefer you when there are lots of talc and minerals suppliers are available in the market?

Ans: You are absolutely right dear Sir / Ma’am. However if you notice very carefully, there are mainly 4 types of suppliers available in the market:

  1. Big Players : They no doubt have big infrastructure, large mines, big sales network. But they are still far behind in terms of Processing Technology and R&D to provide best of the minerals to their esteemed customers. Secondly, as they grow, so do their expenses and therefore that burden goes on to their customers shoulders in terms of either HIGH PRICES or LOWER QUALITY.
  2. Small manufacturers : As they do not have their own marketing and Sales network, they have to rely on Suppliers or have to do Job works for the big players or for Traders. In all the situation, finally the customer is going to get compromised in prices as well s quality.
  3. Suppliers / Traders : These people do not have their own manufacturing facility and they merely supply the mineral products by outsourcing them from the above two grades of manufacturers. Again end user have to pay.
  4. We….     Now if you look at our portfolio, We are just one year old baby in this minerals industry expanding aggressively but in an organic way. However, We have gone through 9 months of extensive Market & Product research before entering into the market. We have the latest processing unit , our own Marketing and Sales team, authentic distribution, excellent R&D and Quality control, consistent quality and service to our beloved clientele and that all too at a very reasonable price.
So that our customers can be assured to have “BEST VALUR FOR THEIR MONEY“.
7How can you provide so called quality products at such a nominal rates?
Ans: We work a lot in finding and procuring high quality raw materials (minerals lumps) at a very fair prices. Then, as I said earlier, we have latest processing system which helps us to reduce the cost in terms of Electricity and Manpower. And in the final stage, We do not have any Trader / Supplier / Commission agent, which further reduces the overall cost of final products. And believe it or not, we also works on very low margins (our management team believes in increasing the market share to increase the overall profit).  
8Can you guarantee for the quality at a longer period of time?
Ans: Yes, we can. We normally have maximum 1 year of agreement with our clients. And after that we revise the rates and other tariffs to ensure a WIN-WIN.  
9I want to be a distributor / Wholesaler for your products in my locality. Is it possible?
Ans: We do not insist on having a distributor for our mineral products as it increases the product cost. However, to expand our reach in the marketplace, we have such an arrangement in which interested person can contact us to supply our products (especially Chemicals) in their local markets under our AKJ Minchem brand name. Their commission are usually cut off from our profit margins to ensure that it won’t hurt our clients in terms of higher rates and compromised services.

However, we do encourage a Trader / supplier who is situated in foreign country and want to join hands with us to market our Minerals & Chemicals products in their respective country. Please do contact us.

10Do you have MSDS (Material Safety data Sheet) for your products, in case I want to go through it?
Ans: Absolutely we have MSDS for all of our products. Please click on “PRODUCT MSDS” to redirect you to all available products MSDS.  
11I am from UAE. Do you have proper arrangements to supply the minerals and chemicals to my company here?
Ans: We are having separate CHAs to handle any export related supplies. Mundra , Candla and JNPT sea port are nearest to us. And we can ensure proper delivery of the materials to any country.  
12Do you provide any 3rd party inspection facility at the Port or at your Factory to check the product quality?
Ans: Yes. Any of our customer can have such inspection at our factory or at the sea port (in case of Export). It increases the trust of our clients in our company and people.  
13What are your future agendas?

Ans: This year, we are working on establishing the finest and most advanced technologies to serve our customers in best possible way. Our R&D is continuously working on more advanced and customized minerals and chemical products. Also, we are looking in to more global exposure by the end of this year.

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